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Our Inception

Adultsextoyindia began its journey of selling adult sex toys in India in 2011. We were just two years old from our date of inception. However, our journey was smooth, and we kept alluring people from various corners. Orders came from near and far that took our revenues to the peak.

Here at our online store, we have an outstanding variety of adult sex toys in India. The objective is to bring out the meaning of sexual wellness with perfection. This online sex toys store in India has given equal importance to men, women, and couples for their erotic desires.

Why Buy Adult Sex Toys in India Online from Our Store?

If you are hunting for the best online adult toy store in India, it becomes dilemmatic to choose the best one. However, we have good reasons to allure buyers from all nooks and corners of India towards buying adult products in India.

Those who are looking for good quality products will surely benefit from the idea of sex toys online buy India owing to the following reasons:


Top quality

Our online sex toys shop in India believes in keeping people happy and safe. Hence, ensuring that the toys and accessories are made of skin-friendly materials is essential. Therefore, we aim to keep products made of silicone, TPRL, glass, etc. With these materials, our toys are durable and do not harm the user’s body. Hence, there is no doubt about the quality of our products at our online sex store in India.


Great variety

Apart from quality, it is the variety that we stress the most. We believe different people prefer enjoying their sex life differently. So, the more variety we bring to toy buyers, the more thrilling it gets them to choose the best one. Especially there is no doubt about the toys we have here at our store. Right from vibrators to cock rings, sex dolls to masturbators, and gay sex toys to those for lesbians, we have an incredible collection.


Affordable price

Affordability is a huge factor for a buyer. But when it comes to buying adult sex toys in India at our store, there is nothing to worry. Our adult toys and accessories are easy on the pocket and quite buyable for the layman. Be it sex toys for a man, woman, or a couple, our online sex store in India keeps cost-effective products for one and all.


Easy shopping

One reason why an individual would love shopping is its flexibility and ease. We have easy shopping modes to buy sex toys online in India. One can shop either from the store directly or can place an order through a call, email, or WhatsApp. So, there is no question of complications when purchasing adult sex toys in India at our online shop.


How to Shop from Adult Sex Toy India?

It is easy to shop online in today’s world. Similarly, Adultsextoyindia.com makes it effortless and flexible in letting you shop confidentially. You need to be home and choose your desired product with a few clicks.

Our store is easy to browse, and it takes no time to place an order for you. One should be 18+ years or above, and only they can proceed to shop from our shop. So, if you are wondering how to shop from Adultsextoyindia.com, here are the following methods you can opt for:


Browse the store and order

This is so much easier to place an order at Adultsextoyindia. Our online store keeps the most effortless process to order a product. Out of so many products, you can always pick your preferred one and add it to the cart for proceedings. Just like an online store lets you buy things effortlessly, we assure a similar experience for our buyers. We are flexible towards our payment options. One can choose to go with any payment mode to place an order.


Call the store and order

Adult Sextoy India is always there to hear you out. We are at your service if you have any queries or want to place an order. With a single call, we will provide you with the best solutions you have been seeking. Talk to any one of us, and we will assure professional assistance from our end. Besides calling, you can always send us a message on WhatsApp. Alternatively, we are also flexible in receiving emails from your end. Just let us know about the product or the product code you want to order, and we will send it to your address.


What are the Popular Adult Toys in Our Online Shop?

There are plenty of adult toys and accessories which you can buy from our online store. Here is a list of those popular adult sex toys in India that you can buy from our online sex toys store.


Rabbit Vibrator

If you want to know why rabbit vibrators are popular among female sex toys, our online store will give you the answer. Clitoral stimulation is heavenly when using a rabbit vibrator among sex toys for females. Our online store keeps these incredible adult toys in India for the best experience.

As per reports, a steady rise in the number of users going for rabbit vibrators among women's sex toys has been observed. Sexperts say that the demand for these female adult sex toys in India will not stop so quickly. Instead, the asking rate for rabbit vibrators would go up in the next ten months.

What makes a Rabbit Vibrator Popular?
  • Generates orgasm in no time
  • Stimulates clitoris and G-spot together
  • It makes no noise when in use
  • Easy to play on different body parts


Vibrating Panty

If you are a hot and sexy women who need fun alongside pleasure, nothing can beat the magic of a vibrating panty. These vibrating panties come with a hidden motor fixed inside the panty. So, one needs to wear it and operate it with a remote. The wearer can put it on and feel the tickles as she walks off the streets.

What makes the Vibrating Panty Popular?
  • Comfortable to wear for hours
  • Safe to enjoy clitoral vibrations
  • It can be worn like regular underwear
  • Vibrations can be enjoyed discreetly



There should be a good deal of innovation in sex. When you shut your bedroom doors, your mind goes naughty. So, where there is a strap-on, couples will surely make the most of it during their rosy moments. Strap-on is, no doubt, a famous female erotic accessory that has been designed to entertain both sexes at the same time. It includes a harness and a dildo that makes the sessions exciting and engaging.

What makes Strap-on Popular?
  • Both men and women can use it
  • Includes a dildo for more fun
  • Easy-to-wear harness
  • Perfect sex accessory for lesbians


Spider Sower Masturbator

Spider sower masturbator is a magical toy for male masturbation. It’s divine, hands-free and excellent for the penis. Men in good numbers have taken this awesome toy as their companion. Be it its design, portable size or soothing factor, this masturbator is a real deal for men who wish to have a new experience for self-pleasure. Also, it’s a great alternative to typical masturbation, which men would love to play with.

What makes a Spider Sower Masturbator Popular?
  • It gives the user a hands-free experience
  • Easy to grip and insert
  • Safe to use
  • It looks a lot more realistic


Vibrating Massager

There cannot be anything more erotic than a vibrating massager. Women who had orgasmic issues admitted that vibrating massager is irresistible. These massagers are designed to give women pure orgasmic bliss. The vibrating motor is powerful and delivers neat vibrations on the clitoris.

What makes a Vibrating Massager Popular?
  • Does clitoral stimulation at its best
  • Easy grip and comfortable to hold
  • Delivers stronger vibrations
  • Generates orgasm in a quick time


Bullet Vibrator

If one has never known what a bullet vibrator is, she is too far away from the world of eroticism. A bullet vibrator may look small, but it assures enormous erotic pleasure. Compact in size, a bullet vibrator promises dual stimulation for women. Yes, girls have said aloud that bullet vibrator miraculously affects their privates. Once the vibrations start, they get transported to a world of sensuality. With a bullet vibrator, things will spice up well in bed.

What makes a Bullet Vibrator Popular?
  • Women will have a double orgasm.
  • G-spot stimulation gets more satisfactory.
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Small enough to carry while travelling


Big Artificial Vagina

The magic of intercourse depends on how smooth the vagina is. Yes, the big artificial vagina makes the best entry for the male penis. These female adult products are made with soft skin and are designed to let men enjoy vaginal penetration at their best. It takes a very natural skin colour and looks quite realistic. Men willing to take their sex life to a new level prefer using the big artificial vagina.

What makes a Big Artificial Vagina Popular?
  • It comes with a realistic vagina.
  • Easy to insert
  • Safe to penetrate
  • Hassle-free to clean


Electro Sex Toy

Regarding showering passion on your partner, there can be nothing like electro sex toys among the adult sex toys in India for women. It has been found that these new-age adult toys in India have been alluring young girls to test their erotic thirst.

What makes an Electro Sex Toy Popular?
  • Safe and durable
  • It gives electrical impulses for eroticism
  • No complex controls
  • High-end technology


Cock Ring

Among the sexual problems faced by men, erection is the most common. This is where a cock ring plays a very notable role among adult sex toys in India for men. Among the most sought-after male sex toys, the cock ring takes a very prominent position. Men between 26 and 53 are going after these magical adult products in India.

What makes a Cock Ring Popular?
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Stimulates the penis quicker
  • It takes no time for an erection
  • Safe to use


Super Girl

There is no question about the irresistible appeal of a sex doll among sex toys for a male. The way these hot dolls are made is just phenomenal. The Super Girl is no less a hot and happening chick that would take moments to arouse men. These silicone sex dolls come with perfect height and posture.

What makes the Super Girl Popular?
  • Realistic figure
  • Made of pure silicone
  • Appealing private parts
  • Real complexion


App Control Vibrator

Couples can now buy sex toys online in India like these new-age app-control vibrators. Among the couple sex toys, the app control vibrator has drawn massive popularity. Be it connectivity, entertainment, or controls, this vibrator is just an incredible innovation among adult sex toys in India for couples.

What makes an App Control Vibrator Popular?
  • Connects two users at the same time
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Operates through Bluetooth
  • Requires an app for installation


Leather Whip

Sex has to be crazy. So, why not go for a leather whip among the sex toys for couples and spice up things a bit more? We now own an impressive range of leather whips among the BDSM products. High in quality and pleasurable to play with, the leather whip is an excellent pick among sex toys for the couple looking for some madness in their bedroom.

What makes a Leather Whip Popular?
  • It uses good quality material.
  • It does not harm the skin despite whipping
  • Easy to grasp and whip
  • Arouses sensations for the user


Final Words

Adultsextoyindia.com takes pleasure in bringing the best adult products to your doorstep. More products are coming in, and we are excited to reach out to everyone across India. Let’s hear out what you need to say, and we will be there to serve you.
Till then, keep shopping from Adultsextoyindia.

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This realistic non-vibrator makes me crazy. My goodness, I just love playing with it. This toy has become my best playmate. It gives me goosebumps out of sensation. I got this super-quality toy at a pocket price. Getting such an amazing product at this low price is like a dream coming true. I am really impressed by using this toy.
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Makes my day
This realistic vibrator makes my day. I can enjoy my solo hours of masturbation with this toy. It is so long that it penetrates deep, giving me the best sensation. My nights are made better with these toys.
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Better than expected
This toy is amazing. I would recommend you buy it if you are questioning. I seriously didn't expect of getting such a quality product at this low price. My expectations were fulfilled by this toy. It also gives a heavenly sensation.
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Made me speechless
This gel is the best one for comfortable play. It gives long hours of sensational play, making my all erotic dreams come true. I never thought of getting such an amazing product at this low price.
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