Intimate Wash in India | Hygiene Wash for Men

Intimate Wash

The intimate wash in India is ideal for men who want to upgrade their performance to the next level. Although it is a bacteriostatic spray, it will keep men's intimate areas safe. Moreover, it works as a sexual enhancer for men who end up ejaculating sooner. So, men who wish to perform longer without ejaculating sooner will benefit from this intimate wash. Body-safe, non-toxic, and effective for the genitals, this spray is a natural one as it is formulated with herbs. 

Unlike ant artificial spray or pills, this Bacteriostatic Spray never causes any harm to the skin and assures complete safety for the user. It is to be sprayed gently on the tip of the penis. On doing so, there will be a gentle feel. Men can stay assured of the fact that there will be no burning sensations. Firstly, on spraying, the intimate area is cleaned and gives sexual arousal at the same time. It is used for internal purposes and not on any external body part.

The bacteriostatic spray comes in a container of 10 ml. Using a bit at a time will work well. It is available at a reasonable price and works safely for the male genitals.