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The longer men perform, the better they get, and here comes the desensitizer in India to prove it right. It is nothing but a spray that is undoubtedly safer for the male genitals and works wonders to help men delay their ejaculation. Imagine the embarrassment a man faces when ejaculating early. But if he has the delay spray, it will be a saviour for him. Apart from being skin-friendly, it also triggers his libido and lets him go longer. 

A desensitizer in India is ideal for men who are less confident or unable to hold their ejaculation during action. So, a bit of spray brings a huge impact and they end up impressing their girl and themselves as well. One has to spray a bit on the glans, the tip of the penis, and after ten to fifteen minutes, start the action. So, girls who have been expecting a lot from their men are sure to regain happiness by gifting their men the delay spray.

Delay sprays are beneficial for those who fall prey to premature ejaculation. Delay sprays are among the most popular and effective products for men in giving them confidence in their sex life. No side effects are there for delay sprays.